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BT Headsets                                                  

Headset  HS-828B-03-BT-16
Bluetooth Version V1.2 Complient
Dimension L x W x H 38 (L) 33 (W)17 (T)
Weight < 11.5 grams
Talk time 6 hours
Stand-by time 200hours
Range Indoor Up to 5 Meters (*a)
Range Outdoor Up to 10 Meters (33 Feet) (*a)
Frequency 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz ISM Band
79 Channels Frequency Hopping
BT Profiles Supported Headset & Handsfree
Pairing-Connection Point-to-Points
Audio Codec 15 bits resolution, S/N 60dB
Transmitter Power 1 mW
Output power 0 dBm (Class II)
TX Output Power Typical 4dBm (*b)
Receiver Sensitivity < -83 dBm Typical Operating
Security Generic Access Profile
Power consumption Working : 0 mA / 20 mA ( Standby)
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion polymer 120mAh
2nd Battery No
Charging 5V DC , 100~240V AC adapter
Charging Time 2-4 Hours
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +45 degree
Storage Temperature (-20~ 60 C)
Humidity 10% ~90%
Microphone Type All Direction
Switch 3 Keys (1 PW, 1 V+, 1 V-)
Other Functions Mute Function
Voice Dialing (*c)

*a: Depends on environment
*b: Measured according to the bluetooth specification.
*c: Depends on mobil phone function






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