Flash Card Readers                                                  



Smart Card Readers tighten network security, simplify the log-on process, allow users to conduct secured transactions for eCommerce and reduce cost associated with managing corporate networks by using a flexibly designed, industry standard enhancement product. Tai-hao follows all industry standards for connectivity to PC hardware for easy setup

Compliance with EMV Specification
● Compliance with Microsoft PC/SC specification and Plug & Play
● USB port
● No External Power Supply Required
● Multi-task for Keyboard and Card Reader
● ROHS Compliance
● Smart card interface: All ISO 7816-1/2/3/4 memory and micro processor smart cards(T=0,T=1)
● Connector: USB
● Operating Temperature: 0C-50C
● Software: Win 98, Win2000/XP/ME
● Certification: CE/FCC/UL1950/ISO9000/ISO14001
● Dimensions: 97.4×52.8×63.5 mm






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