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KB-4333-02 eBay

You can create your own models (ODM) or amend/logotype the existing ones (OEM).
1. New models development consists of:
- design development (1-3 months eventually depending on the customer);
- moulds development and production (2,5-3 months keyboardwise и 1,5-2 months mousewise);
- samples confirmation and improvement (0,5 month).
2. The existing ones amendment or logotyping usually means:
- logotyping:
  * with silk-printed technology
  * with laser
  * with thin colourful metallized foil
  * with engraving on the top housing and backlight
  * with a separate part of plastic logo built-in the top housing and becklit from beneath
- changing bottom housing surface and making the fixed bottom label zone in mould instead of paper sticker;
- painting top and bottom housing in customized colours;
- the housings painting and logotyping combination;
- different colour layout, separate letters marking or backlight;
- firmware and software development to create customized layouts with different preprogrammed keys or key combination;
- different zones backlight;
- customized package creation and production.

KB-4333-02 eBay

Not-Standard 3-Section Keyboard  eBay   KB-4333-02 eBay

Fantastic Keyboard for immediate access to eBay web-site with one keystroke!
Silk Printing Technology
Customized colours
Membrane Technology
3-mm Keystroke
470x175x24 mm (LxWxH)



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