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Keyboards with the built-in devices such as magnetic card readers, smart card readers, fingerprint sensors, barcode decoders etc.
Advanced Perfomance Keyboards

Advanced performance keyboard with the biult-in MIFARE/RFID reader
(contactless smart card reader)

Membrane contact switches and piston-type full-travel key construction

1. The built-in Magnetic Stripe Reader: 1+2+3 tracks
Programmable "header" & "terminator"

2. The built-in smart card reader

Programmable magnetic card reader for cards compatible with ISO 7810, -11, -12, -13, JIS, AAMVA, programmable “header” and “terminator”

Robust and reliable

Individual keys have long service life: >20 million operations

Cable length: approx. 1,75 m

Weight: approx. 2,250 g

Dimensions: 470 x 220 x 64 mm

Current consumption: USB: max. 400 mA

Interface: USB

Current output: USB: max. 100 mA per downstreamport

Reading cycles: approx. 1.000.000

Reading rate: 8 -318 cm/s at 30 Bit/cm; 8 - 127 cm/s at 83 Bit/cm

Magnetic card reader:

- Capable of reading any ISO 7812-compliant magnetic stripe card

- Tracks 1+2+3 by default

- Scanned data is transferred to system through keyboard interface

- Magnetic stripe reader parameters are programmable







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