Program "X-SMILE" was Updated

 Program to enable you to quickly add emoticons MSN, ICQ и Skype chat windows. Other messengers' users, however, can easily re-program them as well as all other keys on their keyboard to another single key or multiple key combination.
Program "X-SMILE" works with english, german and russian languages.

USB Mini Mouse Speaker
 18.05.2008  USB Mini Mouse Speaker
 USB Mini Mouse Speaker
 Brando's USB Mini Mouse Speaker is a great little portable speaker, which connects via 3.5mm stereo jack to any sound output. The speaker charges via an included USB cable and it is sure to bring the house down with the thumping 2W output. If you are worried you won't look the image of cool with the USB Mini Mouse, put those ludicrous notions aside, it comes with a neck strap so you can pimp Flavor Flav styles effortlessly. Phew!

 The only thing is, we were hoping our $14.00 would get us standard mouse functionality, too. Perhaps the omission is a slight technical oversight by Brando?



KB-4333 with the enlarged letters of layout

 28.04.2008 KB-4333 with the enlarged letters of layout
 The Company "CHD" has begun the production of the keyboard KB-4333 with the enlarged letters of layout. The model will be interesting for the children and the weak-eyed, in particular. It has a an extended set of hot keys with full-colour icons that enable users to recognize them easier. There are some unique hot keys, such as: "Open Games", "Save File" and "Hide all window", as well as "Change the language". The Keyboard attracts attention with the effective design and curved shape of its housing.

 Refer to for more detail information.

Стеклянная клавиатура от CHD
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 Компания CHD выпускает новую модель клавиатуры "KB-4800 Solar". Это беспроводная тонкая клавиатура с сенсорными клавишами и "Блу тус" интерфейсом. Питается клавиатура от встроенного аккумулятора, заряжаемого солнечными элементами установленными в клавиатуре. Для зарядки аккумулятора достаточно обычного комнатного освещения. На клавиатуре имеется расширенный ряд мультимедиа и интернет клавиш. Корпус клавиатуры "KB-4800 Solar" выполнен из стекла и будет прекрасно смотреться на любом столе.


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