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LED: how to edit the patten?
No chance. Preprogrammed

MS-NEO-SND-04-U, MS-NEO-SND-02-U, MS-NEO-SND-01-U, MS-NEO-SND-04-U, MS-NEO-SND-02-U, MS-NEO-SND-01-U, DEL (KB-4322-01), CR-24-M-H.

Are adaptors to mini-Flash cards supplied?
No, they aren't. The reader is supplied as it is. The adaptors for mini formats are either supplied along with the card itself, or with the device they are bought or are to be purchased by user separately.

FR-ALL-IN-02-U, FR-52-IN-02-U, FR-52-IN-01-U, CR-24-M-H, CR-22-USB3-P-EL, FR-MET-IN-02-U.

Toyota Corolla 2006, with the original preinstalled Rasio System: if I isert the key into the keyhole and start engine immediately, "SoundLink" does not work at all. If insert, wait 4-5 seconds and start engine then, it works OK. Why? IS it a bug?
The device has memory inside. That is why it takes some time to refresh memory for proper operation later.


I've got Toyota Lexus, 2003. The Rado System is Pioneer. "SL" does not work, it is not found by the Radio System, even though the connectors fit the jack fine.
It is most likely to happen, if the Radio System was changed from original to the newer one. "Sound Link" communicates first with the car original Rasios.

iPod-TOYOTA-01, iPod-TOYOTA-01.

There is VOLKSWAGEN TOURAN, 2007 year, Radio System is RCD-300 (original). What kind of Sound Link MP3 should be compatible: 12-pin or 8-pin?


How many combinations can be programmed on the extra keys? Why no SW to change the codes?
All extra or/and hot keys functions are preprogrammed and can not be modified by deafault. There is no SW to reprogramme scan codes. Two extra keys can have any key combinations preprogrammed according to customer's preliminary inquiry.

KB-4333-02, KB-4333-01, KB-4333 rf, KB-4333 nf, KB-4333 mt, KB-4333 mf, KB-4333 kr, KB-4333 cb, KB-4333 bl, KB-4333 af.

What's the difference between 3-mm, 3.3-mm and 2.8-mm keystroke? Does it matter in fact?
No difference, in fact. It all depends on the tactile keystroke feeling you are used to. Four millimeters keystroke is a standard to have been implemented around two decades ago and it was inherit from the older typing machines. Three millimeters are the result of new slim-design housings and scyssor-type technologies imvented in keyboard production last years.

KIT (KB-4322-01), KB-4904-01, KB-4901-01, KB-4900-01, KB-4339-02-U, KB-4334-01, KB-4333-02-kms, KB-4333-02 eBay, KB-4333-02, KB-4333-01, KB-4333 rf, KB-4333 nf, KB-4333 mt, KB-4333 mf, KB-4333 kr, KB-4333 cb, KB-4333 bl, KB-4333 af, KB-4332-02, KB-4332-01, KB-4331-01, KB-4330-02, KB-4330-02 ks, KB-4330-02, KB-4330-01 ks, KB-4330-01, KB-4329-02, KB-4329-01, KB-4328-02, KB-4328-01, KB-4326-02, KB-4326-01, KB-4326 kr, KB-4326 es, KB-4325-01, KB-4324-02, KB-4324-01, KB-4323-01, KB-4322-04 fr, KB-4322-04, KB-4322-03 fr, KB-4322-03, KB-4322-02 fr, KB-4322-02, KB-4322-01 fr, KB-4322-01 ar, KB-4322-01, KB-4322 lg, KB-4321-02, KB-4321-01, KB-4102-01-P-02, KB-4102-01-P, KB-4100-02-C, KB-4100-01-P-02, KB-4100-01-C.


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